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What is Coreo?

Coreo is a web-based platform that centralizes patient information from medical and dental claims. As the platform underlying HMSA Connected CareSM, it gives primary care providers (PCP) and dentists real-time access to information about diagnoses, prescriptions, and care gaps.

What can I view in Coreo?

In Coreo you can access:

  • HMSA patient population.
  • Oral Health for Total Health patient population.
  • Your patients’:
    • Medical information.
    • Prescription information.
    • Medical care opportunities.
    • Dental care opportunities.

How do I register?

Register here. After you submit the form, you’ll receive two emails from Coreo within three business days:

  • First email: Includes the Coreo login link.
  • Second email: Includes your username.

You’ll set your password when you log in for the first time. If you need help, call the Coreo help desk at 808-892-3428 on Oahu or 1-888-600-4672 toll-free. Or email coreosupporthi@navvishealthcare.com.

Will my password expire after a certain length of time?

Passwords expire every 60 days. If your password expires, call the Coreo help desk to reset it.

Why don’t I see all of my attributed patients in Coreo?

Coreo contains data for patients who have both medical and dental plans with HMSA. Patients who have only an HMSA dental plan aren’t included. Also, patient attribution is driven by claims; therefore, you will not see new patients in your patient registry list until you submit a claim for the patient.

What should I do if I notice that a patient has a medical care gap?

We ask that you stress the importance of preventive care with your patient during their visit and encourage them to schedule a checkup with their PCP.

How are dental care gaps identified?

HMSA Connected Care dental measures for patients identify those who haven’t had a cleaning in the current year. Regular cleanings help control oral inflammation and allow you to check for developing issues that can affect overall health.

Dental measures for Oral Health for Total Health program members identify those who haven’t had a nonsurgical periodontal treatment in the current year. This is especially important for these patients since oral inflammation is a known risk factor for people with diabetes or have a history of coronary artery disease (CAD) or stroke.

Why doesn’t the total care gaps in the patient header match the total in the face sheet or care gaps tab?

The count reflects the total number of care gaps for all years of the program.

TThe total in the face sheet and care gaps tab reflects the number of care gaps for the year that’s selected. See the [Care Gap Quick Reference Guide](/files/Coreo Care Gap Count QRG.pdf) for information.

When viewing medications in the clinical tab, why doesn’t the number of rows match the count next to the medications header?

Please refer to the attached [Coreo Medications Quick Reference Guide](/files/Coreo Medications Count QRG.pdf).

How can I respond to a patient’s concern about me accessing their medical information?

As their dentist, stress how oral health plays an important part in their overall health, especially if they’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or have a history of oral cancer, head and neck cancers, or CAD. Patients who are pregnant should also be warned about the risk of low birth weight or premature babies that can result from poor oral health.

Also, explain that up-to-date information about their health, medical history, and medications combined with the ability to coordinate care with their PCP allows you to make accurate, informed decisions that can help them prevent serious and costly dental and medical issues.

Can I access Coreo from a mobile device?

Yes. Because Coreo is a web-based application, you can connect to it using a mobile device.

Remember to log out of the application instead of just closing the browser when you’re connected from a mobile device.

Where can I find resources such as release notes, training documents, FAQs, etc.?

For more information or resources, visit the Coreo Resource Center.

Who can I contact if I have questions about Coreo?

For general questions, contact your provider network manager:

Robin Williams at 808-538-8952 or Robin.Williams@bshi.net or Jessica Chang at 808-538-8904 or Jessica.Chang@bshi.net.

If you have questions about your account and logging in, call the Coreo help desk at 808-892-3428 on Oahu or 1-888-600-4672 toll-free. Or email coreosupporthi@navvishealthcare.com.