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Providing you with information about our plans and information that can benefit you and your practice is an important part of our commitment to you.

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This Just In

►Dentists play a key role in helping curtail prescription opioid abuse. Learn about this critical issue and the importance of having a monitoring program in partnership with the patient’s physician.

►Keep on your Radar: Dentist Licenses - Renew by 12/31/19

Just a friendly reminder to renew your dentist license by December 31, 2019. Failure to renew by the deadline listed will result in the forfeiture of your license which may result in the termination of your participation with HMSA Dental. We highly encourage you to create a “MYPVL” account on the Hawaii.gov website to expedite this process. More information on account set up and Renewal FAQ’s can be found here: https://cca.hawaii.gov/pvl/mypvl-and-renewal-faqs/